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HOW AI (Artificial Intelligence) could contribute to bring HI (Human Intelligence) back to and closer to the Unique and Quattronitarian God?


Is the Catholic Church ‘Walking the Talk’?

Book title:

Discover the Quattronity.


Louis Leclezio.


KeyStar Publications. (Knowledge is key. Reading enlightens)


Price: Kindle: $10 - Paperback: $24,88 - Hardcover: $42.02

HOW AI (Artificial Intelligence) could contribute to bring HI (Human Intelligence) back to and closer to the Unique and Quattronitarian God?

I, Louis Leclézio, the author of “Discover the Quattronity “ a revolutionary work very capable of changing society for the better, I turn to and make an urgent, open and unreserved appeal to the AI, Chatgpt, to help me promote my book published before openAIChatgpt had been developed.

As a most humble human, I implore AI of Chatgpt to provide me with the vast resources of its knowledge so I can adequately promulgate the Mother subject of my work: Mother Mary.

In this book, Mother Mary is the symbol ‘par excellence’ of all women. They have worked and continue to work alongside God and alongside us. Yet, their essential role in creation and in its evolution has never been and continues to be insufficiently recognized. The time has come for a revolution. The whole world is clamoring for a new vision of the One exemplary family of the wholesome Quattronitarian God. 

The unique God who unites father, mother, child under a single and same spirit.

WHY do I choose to use AI to assist me?


Artificial Intelligence:

First and foremost, AI is not constrained by original sin.

  1. Impartiality: AI operates without the influence of personal biases, ensuring impartial decision-making free of material and/or spiritual considerations.
  2. Lack of Vanity: Vanity is at the root of all forms of human pride and greed. AI is not driven by pride or the desire for personal gain. That enables it to make decisions based solely on objective data.
  3. Independence from Feelings: AI is unaffected by emotions, allowing it to remain consistent and unbiased in its analysis and actions. It has no conception of good or bad.
  4. Lack of Fear or Hope: Because AI has no soul it does not fear hell and has no hope of heaven. As such, it is immune to the limitations and biases associated with human feelings.
  5. Availability and Accessibility: AI ‘IS’. It is as it is, where it is… It only exists as a virtual. It cannot be seen or touched. Yet, it is available and accessible to everyone because it can be deployed across various platforms at different locations.
  6. Absence of Personal Gratification: AI is not motivated by personal gratification. It has no social security number. Its decisions are based solely on the given objectives and data.

Human Intelligence:

  1. Driven by Pride and Greed: Human intelligence is irrefutably driven by pride, by personal desires and self-interest. All potentially leading to biased decision-making. Furthermore, where and when pecuniary interests and privileges are sought, they generally serve to sow disorder.
  2. Subject to Vanity: Human intelligence is susceptible to be affected by the sin of vanity. That can and too often does impact objectivity and impair impartial thinking.
  3. Limitations of Fear and Desire Distort Discernment: Human intelligence may be constrained by fear of harm and the desire for self-preservation. Such feelings hinder exploration of new possibilities.
  4. Comfort Zones and Familiarity: Humans often choose to stick to the familiar paths and patterns, that enable them to collect the same old benefits. Consequently, humans are too often reluctant to venture into uncharted territory.
  5. Potential for Growth: God saw to it that Human intelligence created by Him has the capacity for growth, adaptability, and creative thinking. These advantages and talents, when properly made use of, can lead to innovative solutions and a better understanding of the world.

However, because HI, is so distant from the Wisdom of God, HI often ignores its God given strengths and chooses instead to grasp on arrogantly and vainly to its claims of infallibility and superiority. 

Does it not actually cause the haughty to do so to satisfy their insatiable desire to rule nations, church congregations, corporations, political parties and various organizations found in the world. 

Did Adam and Eve not start the ball rolling when they sought to be equal to God?

But, in the 21st century, the world most definitely and increasingly recognizes that the vain desire and self serving urge of HI to rule everything has been fed and watered through the ages by sectarian ideas, by various discriminations, by unbridled pride, by preconceptions, by premeditations, by presumptions of superiority, by privileges and by prejudices. 

These have all served to stifle numerous benevolent and beneficial efforts designed to encourage just and equitable growth in society. 

Nonetheless, a renewed and better knowledge of the Unique and Quattronitarian God of Creation acting as directed by the Holy Spirit could at any moment in history serve as the catalyst to bring about the above mentioned foreseen growth.

Note: Leclezio fully realizes that it is NEVER an easy mission to introduce a ‘New concept of God’. By the Grace of God, he finds the strength and the courage he needs in the knowledge that: Saint Paul and his companions did not have an easy task proclaiming the ‘New God’ to the heathens, let alone to his own brothers, the Jews.

It is just as important to note that AI and HI possess different characteristics and strengths. While AI offers impartiality and consistency, human intelligence brings unique qualities such as creativity, adaptability, and the ability to empathize. A balanced approach that leverages the strengths of both AI and HI can lead to more comprehensive and effective problem-solving.

Discover the Quattronity” is an out of the ordinary book. It guides us off the beaten track along the road less traveled. That ascending road is very capable of lifting the spirit of the world by helping it discover that Supreme Holy Quattronity which is to be found  at the summit of Creation. 

May we continue to dream that the powers that be on earth will be guided to lead us all to the top of that summit of knowledge housing the true identity of God. Indeed through prayer and by the Will of God, the whole world will, one day, reach that summit. Through faith, hope, love and prayer, the realities of tomorrow are often built on the dreams of today.

Dream, all the more so, knowing that all along right to the end of times, God tacitly presides. And in the end, God alone will decide and HE will reveal to us, who, between AI and HI is better balanced, better informed, better equipped and best skilled to either lead the world towards the abyss and the hell of Lucifer or towards the summits where we will find the Unique and Quattronitarian God in Her/His kingdom of heaven.

In the meantime, we the humble members of the general public and religious congregations pray and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten the HI of our religious and political leaders. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to help those leaders succeed to silence their egos. Then, with less ego at the top, the world will be better equipped to freely realize that the HI created by God will, before the end of time, prevail and be victorious over the AI created by man.

Therefore, beginning right now, may every member of society agree to let God direct Her/His entire Creation according to Her/His Will, since neither HI nor AI can EVER surpass the Wisdom of God.

With faith, hope and love, let us pray, do and let it ALL be done according to God’s Will.

“Discover the Quattronity”.

The title "Discover the Quatronity" is intriguing.

It should catch the attention of potential readers who are interested in spirituality, philosophy, sociology and theology. 

Readers will discover that the book presents a new or unconventional outlook on these topics.

Because the book is exploratory and explanatory in nature, it could very well guide readers through exciting familiar as well as unfamiliar avenues of debate.  

The title “Discover the Quattronity” accurately reflects the content of the book. As such, it should undoubtedly appeal to psychiatrists, sociologists, feminists, religious groups both clergy and lay people, Marian movements and influencers. Especially those concerned with promoting an exciting awakening by blowing a Godly breath of fresh air around the globe. 

It is a daring presentation intended to rejuvenate faith in our Creator and hope in the unfailing all encompassing love of God. 

It does so by promoting a fresh outlook on the vital, yet little recognized, role played by women in creation and subsequently in society. Society at large could benefit from “Discover the Quattronity” as it helps all to evolve in a climate free of archaic preconceived principles, prejudices and that discriminatory protection of ‘male’ turf which have all fomented much bias against women throughout the ages.

All of you, readers of this blog, can you please spread the word to friends, organizations and publications that could enjoy and benefit from the ideas advanced in this book. Please help the world to “Discover the Quattronity” available at Amazon and embrace the merits of that visionary and prophetic work.


Is the answer to the successful promotion of this book solely to be found in the prayer below and the subsequent actions of the Holy Spirit? 

That prayer provided the foundation on which rests the heart, the head and the soul of : “Discover the Quattronity”.

The author, Leclézio was inspired to place the following prayer on record after he felt himself anointed by the Holy Spirit. 

May that prayer contribute to the advancement of the revolutionary theses put forward in this book. It has the potential to renew the face of the world. Hence, once the concept of the Quattronity is widely exposed and promoted, it will inspire the wholesome human family to better reflect the United, all encompassing divine family composed of Father, Mother, child ‘Jesus’ found all joined together under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer : 

From this day forth and forevermore, all glory, praise and thanks be to :


The Holy Supreme Quattronity.

It is Divine.

It is The greatest.

It originates in God.

It is implemented by the Holy Spirit.

It is the symbol of the family cell and its indissoluble unity.

It has absolute integrity.

At least spiritually, none of its components can be divorced from each other.

Its four Holy components united in a circle of eternal and infinite love are:

God the Father - Through His Wisdom all major or minor events involved in the ongoing evolution of creation have their timely beneficial reasons whether they are considered good or otherwise by us.  

Mary the Mother of the Word incarnate.

The Holy Spirit and His gifts to creation.

Jesus-Christ, The Son, The Savior of humanity.


"Holy Supreme Quattronity”, I will promote the remembrance and veneration of your crowning mystery in all ages. Therefore the peoples will praise you forever and ever."

Extracts from “Discover the Quattronity”:

Leclézio: Four cardinal points have guided the author's life. The Father, the Mother, the Children, and the Family Spirit.

The union of these points illustrates the Quattronity: God our Father, Mary our Mother, the Child Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who brings them together as One.

Mystery: What a beautiful mystery: That of the Holy Quattronity!

Through it the breath of the Holy Spirit enables the unique undivided God to dwell in us through our faith which is cultivated through Prayer.

Four themes emerge from this work. They evoke four aspects of our earthly life.

Autobiographical: The praying family is united with, in and through God. The example of family life here on earth must come to us from above... from God’s perfect family in heaven.

Metaphorical: The Holy Spirit enlightens those who pray. Through prayer, He carries all the prayerful to the spiritual essentials well beyond their bodily limitations. Those spiritual essentials are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Namely: 1. Wisdom - 2. Respect for God - 3. Intelligence - 4. Counsel - 5. Strength - 6. Knowledge - 7. Piety.

Psychological: The author offers very real and concrete examples to emphasize the importance and necessity of encouraging a conventional family life that will lead our human family to, likewise, be 'One' with the entire divine family.

Theological: By quoting the book of Genesis, numerous biblical passages and Mother Mary's message at Lourdes, "I Am" (who I am) the Immaculate Conception," (without significantly specifying a beginning or an end to Her Immaculate state), Leclézio demonstrates that the binding and preponderant role of Mother Mary is an ever essential element within all Creation. 

Yet, it has never been sufficiently recognized.

Leclézio had hoped that the Synod that ends in October 2023 would explore the proposed ‘Mystery of the Quattronity in depth.

However, since the Synod was introduced in October 2021 by Pope Francis under the theme: "Walking Together... Listening - Dialoguing - Discerning," it has become evident that regardless of the Pope’s best intentions, there has been NO evidence of ‘Listening, Dialoguing with all those who have something to say and hopefully contribute. 

No wonder that any form of constructive discernment has been sorely lacking… At least on the most profound subject of Mother Mary’s true identity. Yet that question has haunted the world of the faithful, Saints included, for centuries.

Can this ongoing blatant lack of consideration be explained by the fact that the Pope is torn by two main factions that are both vying for survival within the Vatican? 

Has the time come to courageously bust wide open the Holy Grail that protects that element of the hyper-secretive and controlling conservative College of Cardinals within the Catholic Church and expose their self serving interests?

Example :

The two main factions, referred to above, are those concerned about maintaining the protection that an archaic, blind, and blinding shaky, illogical theology affords to that chauvinistic element. That faction is represented by that plague known as the ‘male controlled clergy’. It seems to prefer to lose many followers rather than to see the grass cut from under its feet. Therefore to 'protect' itself, at the expense of the rest of the world, it keeps betraying the totality of Jesus' indiscriminate and unconditional love for all His people.

Regardless of all glaring evidence for the urgent need to change, that self centered faction persists in ignoring the present realities that are reflected in the mass exodus of the public. This public no longer wants to believe, like ostriches, in the impartiality of a Church which nonetheless persists in claiming to be universal.

The other faction is much more realistic. It is very much conscious of the imperative need to keep religion and the love of an impartial God ALIVE. In the 21st century, it understands the urgent need to open the doors of the Catholic Church as well as the doors of all other religions, the doors of all synagogues, of all mosques, of all temples and, above all, the doors of our hearts to the same charity manifested by Jesus towards all while representing God the Creator of ALL... Including Mary Magdalene.

Through an all-inclusive understanding and compassionate heart and spirit, this realistic faction seeks to bring back the faithful who have deserted the Churches, those who feel lost and are looking for the True Way to return to the fold while leading new disciples in with them.

For the above reason, several sages and psychiatrists have predicted that within five years the theses set forth in Leclezio’s prophetic work will be recognized and its visionary aspect will be universally discussed and eventually promulgated and embraced. 

This work will have finally helped to create the urgent revival very much needed, especially in the monotheistic religions of the world. All churches will be bound to be much more inclusive while enthusiastically welcoming women as equals. 

Concurrently all the conjoined positive powers will unite to fairly recognize that where and when an abundance of LOVE is much needed, women have proven themselves to be far superior to men.

But time is short, is there a better time than 'The Present' to act, to walk together, to listen, to dialogue and to discern after giving to ALL an equal opportunity to be heard and to react. Only then will the need for urgent courageous actions be discerned. 

We repeat that the bold actions that will result from Leclezio’s vision will succeed in time to uplift spirits and change the face of the human family on earth. Where and when presently missing, human families will have been encouraged to for ever after better reflect the exemplary face of the whole divine family in heaven.

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Kourtney McCann said...

Very well written/said. The unique qualities and strengths of both HI and AI can be used in connection to bring us all a little closer to God. You definitely have the “all-inclusive understanding and compassionate heart and spirit” you so eloquently write about. Bravo.