Tuesday, June 07, 2022

I rest my case For or Against the Quattronity at the foot of the Cross Where the love of Jesus and His Mother Mary is Found


Why was the promotion of Quattronité une nouvelle vision censored by some members of the Mauritian clergy?

Was it censored deservedly or wrongly…?

Peacefully and lovingly I rest the case at the foot of Your cross dear Jesus.

May God’s Supreme Court at the Vatican, examine it and dispense God’s judgment over it.

Indeed, all glory, praise and thanks be to God that His Honorable Hierarchy and its assistants are opportunely sitting in Synodal sessions at the Vatican seeking to surrender their soul and their spirit to the Holy Spirit. 

May the Holy Spirit shower sense into the church’s sacred social structure. 

Should its rock solid substructure be supported by and start with the wholly united and inseparable Divine family?

For SHOULD THAT NOT BE THE FAMILY PAR EXCELLENCE to be the source of all love? 

During such a special soul searching Synodal journey is that not the foremost family forever capable of shining a bright light on all human families while simultaneously spicing all life with the salt of the earth? Which other family could spread such sound solace over our souls?

During Synodal sessions, may God’s servants stand solidly together to shoulder each other. May they all submit spiritually joyfully to God who, alone should set the sequential course for the sake of most beneficial service to society. 

May all stakeholders share with each other peacefully by sacrificing away personal sentiments in order to spare the world from any surprising showdown throughout this sacerdotal shakeup.

Once all participants find themselves to be in a soothing singularly focussed state of mind, each voting member, specially the most welcomed new trend setting Sister Nathalie Becquart will be inhabited by the same Holy Spirit. 

May all participants then so enlightened by that common Spirit cast their vote to stipulate whether they are For or Against any sort of even subtle change to the surreptitious sexist oriented segregating mindset that has systematically surfaced throughout church history. 

May  symbolic changes, if and when needed, regardless of how profound and temporarily disturbing they might appear to be to some, end up being supported by the majority. 

May all actions speak to the glory of IHS. The One unique Jesus conceived in the womb of His Mother Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit, who in communion with the Father single-mindedly saw to it that She/He/They, the Quattronitarian God, all united together and indivisible from one another could save us all by His death and resurrection. 


"I bless Yahweh who is my counsellor, even at night my heart instructs me. 

I keep Yahweh before me always, for with him at my right hand, nothing can shake me. 

So my heart rejoices, my soul delights, my body too will rest secure," (Psalm : 16)

God bless you all abundantly.

Love you all lots. 🙏🙌✝️💕

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