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Discover the Quattronity


Discover the Quattronity offers an excellent opportunity to the Catholic Church to face and answer numerous questions raised by a fast growing public seeking concrete answers and the truth. Many the world over are getting increasingly uneasy about the lack of due recognition of the important role of women in society as well as in both the Divine and human family.

Will the church at all levels follow the recommendations of Pope Francis as he urges us all to recognize the errors committed within the church? Pope Francis stressed during his Synodal inauguration speech on October 10, 2021, that we must all take advantage of the Synodal platform to : Meet - Listen - Debate and Discern. 

The Catholic Church must discern a more comprehensive and equitable approach towards all within the church. This is the very reason why the Pope insists that all who have something to say must be heard. All issues are to be laid on the table. In the Pope’s view, this is the only viable answer for the church to undergo a thorough in depth introspection and reorientation leading to a much welcomed renewal.

Hence, by the end of the Synodal journey in 2023 all participants guided by the Holy Spirit will of a common accord decide how to best shepherd the flock of the faithful forward as One united, equitable, trustful, joyful and indivisible body.

In the course of that Synodal journey, this book provides an ideal launching pad to propel participants along the numerous avenues of debates offered by Leclézio through his statements and questionings.

Errors and Church Responsibilities : 

The author encourages us to think out of the box. He stresses the fact that we are not to hide behind past overly protective and fearful attitudes. Pope Francis urges Catholics to abandon the ill advised stance of : ‘Why change?’ ‘We have always believed and done it so.’

Change : On the one hand some of Leclézio’s theses may be viewed as hotly controversial. On the other they address some issues that once resolved will serve to unite all church members behind the same banner without any hint of discrimination. So no one should shy away from the opportunity to debate freely even if passionately and communicate personal opinions. On the contrary all must delve and dive in depth into the main subject of Leclézio’s book: The Blessed Virgin Mary, the ‘Mother’ of all mothers.

Once the true identity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and Mother of us all has been debated. meditated upon and proclaimed through the international Synodal forum, a well founded and enlightened consensus of opinion could be reached for the greater benefit of a better informed public. It could truly prove to be like freshly oxygenated blood being injected in the arteries and veins of the church.

For example, a conclusive, enlightening and respected finding issued by the Synod with regards to one of Leclézio’s emphatic and prophetic statements could well cause a regeneration within the Catholic Church and cause millions the world over to trust and rally behind the banner below:

The future of humanity lies within the ‘Holy Mystery of the Quattronity’

Isn’t this already implied in the message which The Immaculate Virgin Mary came down to deliver personally in Lourdes?

It is worthy of note that the above statement by Leclézio is an extension of an answer given by one of the early chaplains of Lourdes. After the Virgin Mary’s apparitions between February and July 1858 - When the early chaplain was asked:

What is the future of Lourdes?

He was inspired to answer:

The future of Lourdes is the Immaculate Conception, because it is the future of humanity, because it is the last word that God pronounced, in Lourdes in 1858, concerning our humanity.

The assertion of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes:

 "I am the Immaculate Conception" 

May that revelation made to the world at Lourdes become also known as the place of the ultimate message of the divine Quattronity.

Is it not evident that rather than trying to ignore ‘Discover the Quattronity’, or ‘Quattronité une nouvelle Vision’ - A vision which is here to stay, theologians and others should take advantage of the exceptional Synod opportunity to closely examine the visionary options this thesis offers ?

By the end of deliberations at the Synod, the obvious choice will be to either wholeheartedly embrace the Holy Mystery of the Quattronity as being part and parcel of the Immaculate Conception’s revelation OR Persist in archaic entrenched positions that appear to have become untenable to many ordinary as well as learned people the world over in the twenty first century. 

Leclezio firmly believes that a well founded analysis of the ‘Mother’ subject of his book issued by the Synod in support of its findings for or against that prophetic vision could serve to bring a vast number of people of either gender back to the fold. 

Discover the Quattronity is available in English as an ebook or a paper copy from Amazon.

Or Quattronité une nouvelle vision in French can be purchased  at libraries in Mauritius or directly by contacting Leclézio at (

Let God’s Will be done.


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