Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lasting Shadows of a Passing Life

In the evening of our life
When shadows get long
When, for more time we may long
Whether we be weak or strong.

In the evening of our life
When the next hour may not be ours
When we choose not to measure time in hours
But rather bask in all instants void of strife.

In the evening of our life
When we know the time has come,
For us to soon reach our final home
We have no other choice 
But to listen to that voice
That prompts us to exhort
Sanctity though sin may be rife
So we can reach our last port
Free of burden for eternal life.

Past roads we traveled are long.
Some have made us strong.
Some have made us bitter.
We must only recall what made us better.

In the evening of a life
Lived alone or with a wife
When choosing between friend and family member
We must only pick the best ones to remember.

In the dusk of any life 
Hopefully, long after we were born
By the time our tusks are worn
By the time the trip from the womb 
Has led us ever closer to the tomb

We must savour any moment spent with our posterity
Fully sharing with them health, happiness and prosperity.
Then from our faces we must erase all past tears
And bury ahead of us in the grave all past fears.

We must only cherish all the present joyful moments
That can erase all signs of past needless torments.
We must look ahead beyond the horizon of the dead
To walk with faith and hope the distance left to tread.

For beyond and above the tombs of the dead
As we will continue to live with friends and family.
We will ask God for leave to inspire them daily.
When with them we will share the heavenly bread.

In the evening of one life on earth
Whether filled with abundance or dearth
When the tall shadows of two show up behind us as three
The time has come for us to pray to the trinity to be set free.

When either young or old
One can feel weak or bold.
In the night of our life
When shadows behind us get longer
We must strive to get even stronger.
For we will need without fear
To sort right from wrong with no tear.

In the night of our life
When there is not much time left to conceive
We must not let fast running out time, us, deceive
There is always a time to receive, to give and to leave.

When and where ticking hours of old recorded many years past
Precious minutes now remind us that time is running out fast.
Whatever we have left to do, we must do it well
Before, to that other place we are called to dwell.
We accept that all born on earth must some day depart.
But from past, present and future we can never be torn apart.

When to be near those departed whom we loved best
We hear the impending call to come and forever rest
Those, who we leave on earth although also loving them best 
Must know that our departure is to their faith only a timely test.

We hope the memories we take under that final plot
Are not being sent there with us to only rot.
Rather they must continue by all to be shared
For enjoying life to the full is what we all dared.

Therefore at the midnight of our life 
When our long shadows on the ground fall
We must all continue to stand tall.

When on your life screen
An invisible hand 
Acting under God's whim
Is about to be seen
Writing: "This is the end 
Of this one life's film"!

Then to this life we must no longer stick.
It is time for us to another life pick.
There is no need for any good bye
In any life form we will keep on passing by.

Thank you for coming.
Thank you for leaving.
Thank you for living.
Thank you for giving.
Thank you to all in our past for having been,
Thank you to all those who still see and are still seen.
Thank you to all in our present to continue to be.
Thank you to all in our future for being all you can and will be.
That is what we, the departed long to see
From our limitless nirvana sea.

With faith, hope, love, joy and peace,

I remain your father,
I remain yours forever.

Signed: Daddy, dad, pops, Bopa, bops.

A passing and recurring father's shadow by the light of God's sun, moon and stars
For ever, to all of you, may I remain that twinkling everlasting star.

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Roland Middleton said...

Louis my dear friend. Thank you for the poem. I am sure when you placed it on your blog you were not thinking of how wonderful it might be to someone thousands of miles away. I have just returned to my office at Whatcom County from being away on one of those tasks that every child dreads - my mother's funeral. While pouring through the dozens of emails accrued during my absence I took a moment to research through my bookmarks...and noticed your blog.
To my delight I read your poem. It brought me peace. A peace in an unpleasant world.

I miss you my friend.
May the peace of the Lord be always with you, Roland.