Saturday, April 07, 2018

Prier - Ecrire - Dessiner

Je crois que quand on ne prie pas, quand on n’ecris plus et qu’on ne dessine plus nous nous averons seul maitre de notre destinee.

Or notre destinee est habitee et abilitee par la destinee de toute la creation.

Il nous faut donc prier, ecrire et dessiner pour aggrandir et partager notre destinee avec la creation toute entiere.

Car la creation toute entiere est en etat de gestation et de renaissance permanente dans le sein de l’amour de Dieu envers tout ce/ceux qu’Il a cree.

Quand un membre de la creation est joyeux, cette joie est diffusee dans tout le corps de la creation.

De meme quand un element de la creation est malheureux, ce malheur affecte et terni la creation toute entiere.

Ceci dit, prenons aussi conscience que: 

Le langage contenu dans le coeur du Sacre Coeur et le langage du coeur a coeur ne connait ni mots, ni maux, ni mal et ni mails. 

Le coeur entend sans paroles.

Le coeur lit sans ecritures.

Le coeur voit sans yeux.

Le coeur sent sans nez. 

Le coeur touche le coeur de nos chers, meme en leurs absences totales.

Le coeur est capable de gouter aux mets de l’amour la ou le coeur les mets.

Le coeur comprend tout.

Le coeur partage tout en silence.

Le coeur ressent les emotions sans aucune discussion.

Les motions du coeur dansent au rythmes de son sang et ses sensations.

Dans la joie comme dans la pene, unissons nous au Sacre Coeur qui nous unit les uns aux autres.

Alors, que le choeur de tous les coeurs chante et batte en unison.

Car le coeur du Sacre Coeur de Jesus est la demeure de la paix, de la joie et de l’amour absolu qui nous absous de tout.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lasting Shadows of a Passing Life

In the evening of our life
When shadows get long
When, for more time we may long
Whether we be weak or strong.

In the evening of our life
When the next hour may not be ours
When we choose not to measure time in hours
But rather bask in all instants void of strife.

In the evening of our life
When we know the time has come,
For us to soon reach our final home
We have no other choice 
But to listen to that voice
That prompts us to exhort
Sanctity though sin may be rife
So we can reach our last port
Free of burden for eternal life.

Past roads we traveled are long.
Some have made us strong.
Some have made us bitter.
We must only recall what made us better.

In the evening of a life
Lived alone or with a wife
When choosing between friend and family member
We must only pick the best ones to remember.

In the dusk of any life 
Hopefully, long after we were born
By the time our tusks are worn
By the time the trip from the womb 
Has led us ever closer to the tomb

We must savour any moment spent with our posterity
Fully sharing with them health, happiness and prosperity.
Then from our faces we must erase all past tears
And bury ahead of us in the grave all past fears.

We must only cherish all the present joyful moments
That can erase all signs of past needless torments.
We must look ahead beyond the horizon of the dead
To walk with faith and hope the distance left to tread.

For beyond and above the tombs of the dead
As we will continue to live with friends and family.
We will ask God for leave to inspire them daily.
When with them we will share the heavenly bread.

In the evening of one life on earth
Whether filled with abundance or dearth
When the tall shadows of two show up behind us as three
The time has come for us to pray to the trinity to be set free.

When either young or old
One can feel weak or bold.
In the night of our life
When shadows behind us get longer
We must strive to get even stronger.
For we will need without fear
To sort right from wrong with no tear.

In the night of our life
When there is not much time left to conceive
We must not let fast running out time, us, deceive
There is always a time to receive, to give and to leave.

When and where ticking hours of old recorded many years past
Precious minutes now remind us that time is running out fast.
Whatever we have left to do, we must do it well
Before, to that other place we are called to dwell.
We accept that all born on earth must some day depart.
But from past, present and future we can never be torn apart.

When to be near those departed whom we loved best
We hear the impending call to come and forever rest
Those, who we leave on earth although also loving them best 
Must know that our departure is to their faith only a timely test.

We hope the memories we take under that final plot
Are not being sent there with us to only rot.
Rather they must continue by all to be shared
For enjoying life to the full is what we all dared.

Therefore at the midnight of our life 
When our long shadows on the ground fall
We must all continue to stand tall.

When on your life screen
An invisible hand 
Acting under God's whim
Is about to be seen
Writing: "This is the end 
Of this one life's film"!

Then to this life we must no longer stick.
It is time for us to another life pick.
There is no need for any good bye
In any life form we will keep on passing by.

Thank you for coming.
Thank you for leaving.
Thank you for living.
Thank you for giving.
Thank you to all in our past for having been,
Thank you to all those who still see and are still seen.
Thank you to all in our present to continue to be.
Thank you to all in our future for being all you can and will be.
That is what we, the departed long to see
From our limitless nirvana sea.

With faith, hope, love, joy and peace,

I remain your father,
I remain yours forever.

Signed: Daddy, dad, pops, Bopa, bops.

A passing and recurring father's shadow by the light of God's sun, moon and stars
For ever, to all of you, may I remain that twinkling everlasting star.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Case 34081-3 Washington State Appeal Court - Darland v. Snoqualmie - The art of no deal leads to a heart with no appeal right left...

"The art of no deal leads to a heart with no appeal right left."

Douglas W. Nicholson, attorney in Ellensburg, Washington and his initial client, Louis Leclezio, should co-author a book under the above title soon.

Michael L. Darland, retired judge Michael E. Cooper, Honourable Judge Scott R. Sparks will be worthy contributors to that book. 

It is expected to be a prize winning best seller.



I just saw and heard a little Bantam cock crowing in the yard.

Its look instantly reminded me of you.

How many times have you and your preferred client, Michael L. Darland tried to rewrite history over the last twelve years.

How about finally attempting to write a best seller after all the practice that you have had?

May I suggest a suitable title to you:

"The art of no deal leads to a heart with no appeal right left." OK?

When completed, I would be happy to edit your manuscript for you.

I could blend and contrast your stories with my own factual, true to life substantiated material that is waiting to be published.

My publisher and I are just waiting for the Appeal Court verdict before putting in the final punch lines and going to print.

That book should deliver a conclusive upper hook for the crooks to be KO!

By contributing yours and Darland's self serving evolving versions, you could help underscore the fact that: 

Fiction cannot surpass reality.

Fiction is the bitter fruit of fading futile works of darkness.
Reality, by contrast, is illuminated by the enduring power of the truth.

Reality opens the eyes of the blind.
Fiction, by contrast, can turn those who could see, blind.

I look forward to receiving a compilation of the changing stories co-authored by Darland, Slothower and yourself over the last twelve years.

Please also be kind enough to send me a copy of the Appeal Court ruling as soon as you receive it.

Cococorico, I hear the Bantam cock crow before he finally croaks.

Little does that banty know, that he will be the subject of our toast when we serve him for dinner soon.

Kind regards,

Your past initial client.

Louis Leclezio.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Judge Michael E. Cooper - Ellensburg - WA. USA reached across international borders to deny free speech to a party in Africa

Free speech was denied in Paris, France, at gun point in the Charlie Hebdo affair.

There was a loud international clamor about the sacred right of ALL to free speech. Even when the sacred is being desecrated...

In, Kittitas County Court, on October 11, 2011, the sacred right to free speech was denied at pen point across international borders by judge Michael Cooper - Ellensburg - WA. USA.

That 'landmark' ruling, with interesting international consequences, was handed down by an arbitrary, malicious and capricious judge at the end of a hearing lasting thirty minutes only!

That should not be surprising coming from a judge only fit to sit on the bench in a dusty desert one horse town!

There was not even the benefit of a trial. (All supporting documents, including a verbatum transcript of the hearing, are available on

As I, residing in Mauritius off Africa, was silenced, in that small US country town court, by an overly zealous judge eager to please a local crony attorney, the Google world chose to turn a deaf ear to my protests. 

Google refused to consider the merits of the ruling and refused to reinstate my blog:

That blog exposed fraud and its cover up by a corrupt judge with close ties to a most unethical lawyer, Douglas Warren Nicholson, representing an alleged criminal, Michael L. Darland, who had unashamedly perjured himself in court documents repeatedly.

Nonetheless, Google pandered to the meritless court order and Google was also reduced to silence. 

Without advance notice or prior advice, without any compensation, I lost much intellectual property. I lost all the time, research and effort that I had invested in my informative and factual blog! 

What a weird, one sided concept of American style justice!

Acting both as judge and an interested, involved third party, with an obvious conflict of interest, Ellensburg judge Michael Cooper's mission to cover up much embarassment, including his own, was accomplished.

For its part, without granting me a most elementary hearing, Google had followed Cooper's orders and obliterated my blog and my right to free speech!

But, after all, what does it matter? Who cares? I am just a little penniless 'African' from a tiny cloutless island.

Want to know more? Go to:

In the light of this case, is the world entitled to ask how truly meaningful is Google's mission statement to ensure the right to free speech and to free info for all world citizens?

With such glaring discriminating standards being applied in the US by some US citizens, by some US corporations and by a most dishonorable judge, the question begs being asked:

Is America a good country to be from or is it better to be away from it?

Read all about this outrageous 'landmark' case on:

Find out how a gun point and or a pen point in the wrong hands can equally destroy the lives of the innocent.

Then think about it...

Are all man born equal? 

Do all man enjoy the same international sacred right to FREE SPEECH?

Do foreigners from 'Africa' stand a chance to find justice in a US court?

Consider again that In less than thirty minutes:

1. The court had destroyed my life and killed my sacred right to speak and to expose the truth loudly and clearly to all.

2. The court had, concurrently, 'with pleasure' (those were the actual words of the judge in the hearing transcript - document 26 on: deemed it fit to affect the lives of my five children and twenty six grand children for generations to come.

3. Because, adding salt to injury, the court had also simultaneously, at the end of that short arbitrary hearing dispossesed me of the fruits of decades of years and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in a project worth millions of dollars!

In less than thirty minutes my body and mind were drained of every drop of blood, sweat and tears that I had invested over many years in work, planning, saving and investing, to ensure the comfort of my children, my grand children and their progeny. 

It all got obliterated by the dark ink flowing from the point of the pen of a judge with an obviously obscure sense of justice and not a trace of most elementary wisdom.

What should the clamor be within US borders by some US citizens, by some US corporations, by some unethical lawyers and by some judges who get drunk on the essence of their domineering power:

Hail to the judge! 

And, across international borders should the overwhelming outcry be:

Hell for that judge!

It is for the readers of this article and of the web site to decide:

Can pen point in the wrong hands silence the sacred truth just like gun point can be used to silence those desecrating the sacred?

Having already been killed at pen point in this world, may I find peace in death in the next.

I pray that those who killed me do not end up in hell. 

May they rather find the same peace I now long for when their day of reckoning comes...

Monday, February 27, 2017

Pending ruling in case 340813 in front of the Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Division III - Michael L. Darland v. Snoqualmie Pass Utility District

Case # 340813 in front of The Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Division III

Shortly the Honourable Judges of The Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Division III will render their ruling in case # 34081-3 - Michael L. Darland et ux v. Snoqualmie Pass Utility District.

Did Darland unleash numerous damning skeletons from his past when he filed his appeal?

How wise was it for Michael L. Darland and his attorney Douglas W. Nicholson to appeal the judicious ruling of Judge Scott R. Sparks?

On December 9, 2015, Judge Scott R. Sparks of the Kittitas County Superior Court had dismissed, without costs, the twelve year running case of Michael L. Darland versus the Snoqualmie Pass Utility District.

On December 6, 2016, the Honourable Judges of the Court of Appeals for the State of Washington Division III held a hearing in Wenatchee with regards to Michael L. Darland's appeal of Judge Sparks decision. 

Will Darland's own words through his various conflicting sworn statements end up testifying against him? 

Will the case be returned to the trial court?

Will the trial court be instructed to seek verifiable answers on a number of issues of material fact that have so far not been addressed to the satisfaction of involved parties and the Judges?

Will the trial court be also directed to look into and to dissect the possible fraudulent aspects of case # 042004112 as filed in Kittitas County Superior Court in 2004 by the two plaintiffs Leclezio and Darland?

Will the Judge of the Trial Court elect to hear testimony from all intervening parties in the case throughout its history in order to reach an all encompassing fair and equitable assessment of the case?

In such event, if and when confronted by hard irrefutable facts, how will Darland and his attorney Douglas Nicholson manage to reconcile their own various conflicting statements with facts instead of fiction?

Moreover some of those contradictory statements were made by Michael L. Darland under oath and under the penalty of perjury. They were presented to the Courts by attorney Douglas Nicholson acting as an officer of the courts.

Will the trial court Judge look into the glaring disparity between the conflicting statements and positions adopted by Darland and Nicholson as they adapted their changing stories to best serve their sole interest at any particular point in time? 

For example:

In January 2005 Michael L. Darland and I instructed our joint attorney Douglas Warren Nicholson to file a Summary Judgment Motion in the Kittitas County Superior. Therein, Darland, myself and Nicholson represented under oath that, I, Louis Leclezio, was an owner of the 76.8 acre property on Snoqualmie Pass.

Yet, on February 22, 2006, Michael L. Darland, upon learning that I was about to undergo a serious cancer surgery, had no qualms sending the following mail to me contradicting my previously reported ownership of the property in papers filed in the Kittitas County Superior Court.

From: Michael L Darland <>
Date: February 22, 2006 at 8:46:05 PM GMT+4
To: Louis Leclezio <>
Cc: Doug Nicholson <>, "James D. McBride" <>, Brian Dorsey <>
Subject: Update on title assistance request
Dear Louie:

Attached is a letter regarding the title matter on Snocadia for which I requested your assistance on the 8th of February.  I have good news regarding the outcome.

Best regards,

Yan Kee Way Lodge
Ensenada, Chile
February 22, 2006
Dear Louie:
I received your email and attachments of February 18, 2006 and was sorry to learn of your health condition but pleased that you finally consulted a doctor and are receiving medical advice and, I presume, treatment.  Myrna and I regret that you would not accept our offer to loan you funds for your medical expenses in addition to the financial assistance we were loaning to you for living expenses.  Earlier intervention may have reduced the severity of your current condition.
On the matter of the mistaken filing of your name on the title to the Snocadia property, our prayers were answered.  I never did receive a response to my email of February 8th requesting your assistance to help us on this title matter by sending the Quitclaim Deed as Rick Osborne, General Manager of AmeriTitle, requested.  As it turns out, you need no longer concern yourself with sending that paperwork to AmeriTitle. The Kittitas County Auditor’s Office reread all of the documents, including the Bargain and Sale Deed, and concluded that your name and address should never have appeared on the title and thus had it removed.  Now the title for the entire 76.8-acre property is, as it should be, registered in Myrna’s name and mine as husband and wife. The address has been corrected as well and, from this point forward, tax bills will be sent to my home and not yours.
I trust that this good news will be a positive assist in your rest and recovery.
Michael L. Darland
Page 1 of 1
Louie letter of February 22, 2006

Will the trial court conclude that Darland has finally been trumped by his own trumped up charges against others?

Almost two years after purchasing the property, and after our joint attorney, Douglas Nicholson had filed a Summary Judgment Motion discussing the disclosed and well known lack of easements for access and for running public utilities to the site, on March 2, 2005 Michael L. Darland sent the following email to me:

From: Michael L Darland <>
Date: March 2, 2005 at 6:54:32 AM GMT+4
To: Louis Leclezio <>
Subject: Re: Signed Affidavit
Dear Louie:
I could hear the “crack of the bat” clear down here as you knocked this ball over the fence.  It is fortunate that most, if not all of the key people who have been involved in the history of this project are still around.  Also that they verify everything that you have ever told me.  Our best hope is that justice will be done and that honest people will not be defrauded (emphasis added) by those who lose track of their public responsibilities when they assert the power of government and reach into the pockets of those over whom they have asserted control. Thank you again and,
Best regards,

Does it make any sense for Michael Darland to send such a mail to me, attesting to my honesty, if I had ever lied to him, as he would claim that I did, eight years after the fact!

Indeed, six years after sending that mail to me and eight years after closing, on September 2, 2011, Michael L. Darland, submitted a self serving sworn declaration in support of another Summary Judgment Motion in Kittitas County Superior Court. 

Therein Michael Darland claimed, under oath, that shortly after closing in 2003, he discovered for the first time that I had lied to him about access and availability of sewer and water services to 'our' property!

Yet, interestingly, before closing, the purchase and sale agreement referred to those very hurdles that would have to be resolved before the property could ever be developed.

Moreover it is specifically because those problems were disclosed prior to closing that they are referred to in the Motion for Summary Judgment that Darland and I instructed our joint attorney, Douglas Warren Nicholson to file in January 2005 in Kittitas County Superior Court.

Although attorney Douglas Nicholson knows better, having represented both Darland and I, it is with absolute disregard for the standard of ethics that are supposed to govern his profession, that Nicholson has no compunction in front of the Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Division III, in 2016 to be evasive as to when, why and how was my name taken off title as early as February 2006 and only after we had signed a Settlement Agreement with the Snoqualmie Pass Utility District in September 2005. That was also shortly before I was about to undergo cancer surgery.

Please also note how in his appeal brief Nicholson simply casually brushes on the loss of Leclezio's interest in the property.

Thereby, Nicholson deliberately attempts to mislead the Judges of the Appeal Court into believing that it was all done above board and all done legally through the Kittitas County Superior Court!!!

Will the trial court request detailed evidence and substantiated documentation from Darland and his attorney Douglas W. Nicholson as to when, how and why did Darland end up being sole claimant and plaintiff in a case where Leclezio's presence was originally primordial to give standing to the case?

How much further back should anyone need to look to really get to know who is Michael L. Darland?

For example:

Would Darland like to offer a truthful explanation why he settled the Digital Systems suit when he was personally sued for fraud?

To substantiate any explanation Darland may now put forward, would Darland authorize that the case docket that he had asked to be sealed as part of the settlement conditions be now reopened for verification? 

My personal conviction that the Honourable Judges of the Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Division III will ensure that equitable justice prevails has kept me alive.

Now, I am full of hope that I will see the truth triumph within my lifetime.

I hope and pray that almost exactly 11 years, date for date, after Darland and Nicholson had banked on my premature death in February 2006, I will get to read about both of them being called out for who and what they truly are.

With heartfelt thanks for your consideration,

Yours most sincerely,

Louis Leclezio.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Michael L. Darland, et ux v. Snoqualmie Pass Utility District CASE # 340813 - The State of Washington Court of Appeals Division III

Date:        January 6, 2017
From:       Louis Leclezio 
To:            The Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Division III: Honourable George B. Fearing, Honourable Robert E. Lawrence-Berrey Jr., Honourable Rebecca L. Pennell. c/o Townsley Renee, Roberts Joyce, Dressler Samantha; 
Cc. Honourable Judge Scott R. Sparks, Daniel P. Mallove, Scott R. Sawyer, James McBride, Brian Dorsey, Cone Gilreath, Rick Osborne - Amerititle; Richard Kloss, William Popp, Jeffrey Slothower, Douglas War Nicholson.

The Honourable Judges appear to face an obvious paradox after the 13:30 hearing held on December 6, 2016 in Wenatchee.

One month after the above hearing, the dilemma faced by the Judges is ever clearer and challenging.
On the one hand Michael L. Darland claims that the Snoqualmie Pass Utility District did not fulfill its agreement with Leclezio. 

Therefore Darland seeks, for his sole benefit, a refund of all moneys paid by Leclezio/Miller together with statutory interest thereon.

In the brief presented by Ellensburg attorney, Douglas W. Nicholson, Darland suggests that the District is guilty of unfair enrichment and is profiting at Leclezio's expense. The Leclezio/Miller joint venture had paid the District $492,000 but had received no special benefits according to Darland.

On the other hand, the paradox is that Darland, likewise, has never fulfilled the terms of his agreement with Leclezio. 

Darland has failed to date to transfer to Leclezio the additional benefits that Darland still owes to Leclezio for that portion of the total value that Darland received from Leclezio and thereafter retained. That is the $492,000 paid by Leclezio/Miller to the District in assessments decades ago!

How could the Honourable Judges on the one hand condemn and penalize the District for profiting and enriching itself at Leclezio's expense and award all benefits supposed to flow from Leclezio/Miller's payments to Darland?

When on the other hand, through such an award, the Honourable Judges would be tacitly condoning and rewarding Darland for having acted towards Leclezio in the same manner that Darland claims the District should not be allowed to get away with.

Since Darland has never paid a dime to either Leclezio or to the District for the benefit that  he is claiming, is Darland not seeking to enrich himself at both Leclezio's and at the District's expense?

Is enriching oneself at the expense of another not the very same outrageous action that Darland claims that the Honourable Judges of the State of Washington Court of Appeals Division III should preclude the District from doing?

How could one party (The District) be penalized for supposedly enriching itself at the expense of Leclezio while simultaneously another party (Darland) would be rewarded for doing exactly the same thing?

I humbly wish the Honourable Judges the ability to display the wisdom of Solomon as I look forward to their ruling, 

Friday, December 30, 2016

CASE # 340813 Michael L. Darland, et ux v. Snoqualmie Pass Utility District Original case: KITTITAS COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT No. 042004112

Date:        December 29, 2016
From:       Louis Leclezio 
To:            Douglas Warr Nicholson
Cc:           The Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Division III: Honourable George B. Fearing, Honourable Robert E. Lawrence-Berrey Jr., Honourable Rebecca L. Pennell. c/o Townsley Renee, Roberts Joyce, Dressler Samantha; Honourable Judge Scott R. Sparks, Daniel P. Mallove, Scott R. Sawyer, James McBride, Brian Dorsey, Cone Gilreath, Rick Osborne - Amerititle; Richard Kloss, William Popp, Jeffrey Slothower.

Subject:    Questions and Remarks of the Honourable Judges during the hearing held at 1:30 PM on December 6, 2016 - CASE # 340813
Michael L. Darland, et ux v. Snoqualmie Pass Utility District
Original case: KITTITAS COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT No. 042004112


Thinking about the questions and remarks of the Honourable Judges during the above hearing brought a few questions to my mind.

According to the Memorandum Decision of Judge Michael E. Cooper dated April 29, 2005, the issue that remained to be addressed was to what extent, if any, was the District obligated to confer additional special benefits to both Plaintiffs Leclezio and Darland. 

That Partial Summary Judgment ruling applied to the claim that had been filed by you in Kittitas County Superior Court on behalf of both plaintiffs Leclezio and Darland.

How can you in 2016 pretend to debate the very same issue for the sole benefit of Darlands?

As you well know that deferred issue was left opened by Judge Cooper for the benefit of both claimants Leclezio and Darland.  Furthermore, in his decision Judge Cooper specifically referred to the fact that the Sworn Declaration of Leclezio influenced his decision.

After willfully amputating the Leclezio leg from the claim, how can your appeal arguments be still legitimate?

By your own action, referred to above, have you not turned the whole case and all the past rulings delivered for the benefit of both plaintiffs into a meaningless lame claim that can no longer stand on a single leg?

No wonder that in December 2015 the Honourable Judge Scott R. Sparks stated: "Nothing establishes the need to have a trial about anything". 

Judge Sparks may as well have added: The absence of one of the plaintiffs from the original case renders the case and all past rulings null and void. 

If trial there could be with Darland as sole claimant, a whole new case would have to be filed and it should solely rely on a Sworn Declaration by Michael L. Darland.

Douggy, when you xd me out of the case did you not put an x on the original case altogether?

In contrast with your original opinion, do you now truly believe that Michael L. Darland could  have established the need for a trial by himself 11 years ago?

Douggy would it not be wise for the Honourable Judges of The Court of Appeals of the State of Washington Division III to return this lame FRAUDULENT case to the Kittitas County trial court?

The Honourable Judge Scott R. Sparks could then once again dismiss this whole affair as a fraudulent hoax.

He could then award all costs and expenses to the defendants who have suffered unduly for many years through yours and Michael and Myrna Darland's absurd circus act of contortions and illusions.

Just think about it Douggy...

Starting in 2017 and onwards I wish you Douggy a change of heart. 

I hope and pray that you can discover the joy, rewards and excitement of dealing in a fair and equitable manner 


Your past client,

Louis Leclezio.